Patas like in the movies


Would Paul or Jean go with Gaïa to the movies this evening? The question is crucial for the future of this young lady. Come on! She will go with whoever chooses THE right film… And so? PATALOVERS or THE PATA KILLER ?


There are days when nothing goes as planned. Alain should have gone to the movies with Vera. When he arrived at her home, all excited about the hours he was about to spend in her charming company, she answered from under the shower that she could not open the door and that he should wait on the landing. So he stayed there, seated on the steps of the stairway, while a torrential storm hammered down on the city. It was so loud that Alain could barely hear the cry let out by his friend. A cry of fear followed by muffled sounds coming from her apartment…


Too bad for Jacko… He should not have gone out that night. Vera could shout all she wanted from the window, she could not stop the drama from happening. But why hadn’t she just stayed silent? Now she had become THE target…

Waiting line

A few hours earlier, there was no clue to the disastrous night that would follow. The only subject at the the center of the moment’s preoccupations was the preview of the film PATALOVERS. However…

The cat

In the end Alain managed to find Vera’s cat. It had run away during the storm, frightened by the cry of its mistress. In spite of that, the young woman’s heart did not seem to be into meeting Alain that night. Never mind. He would chat with Franck, the bartender. Too bad for the film…

the pata Killer

John Patawood, to whom we owe the magnificent NOIR PATA, has come back with a film of terrifying suspense. Suzanne O’Bannon (played by the dazzling Lauren Patall), on discovering her husband, an art dealer, dead in his gallery, attempts to find the murderer. With Angus Deckard, a New York private eye exiled in Los Angeles (spectacular James O’Pat!) she will discover a dark story of art trafficking, in a chase punctuated with murdered Patas… Note an unusual musical score, with a Jazz trumpet base, which will please younger viewers.


She grew up in Yorkshire, he in India. They don’t know each other. However, an old dying nurse is going to bring them together at her bedside for a mission of the highest importance that will shake their lives and their beliefs. This film is a wave of emotion that is going to tug at your heartstrings and overwhelm your souls. Charlie Tapa presents a bold feature film that dives into the vertigo of love and tragedy with a rarely reached exactness. Pat O’Neal plays a role here that is the opposite of his usual character but that suits him perfectly, and which is highly likely, gentlemen, to make you jealous since your ladies cannot help but fall under his charm.

To be continued…